Is it Just Rocks?

I was someone who had never been interested in rocks and crystals, an avid yoga participant or believer in metaphysical healing energy, or even an everyday jewelry wearer.  So the concept of not only one massive rocks show, let alone hundreds throughout North America alone was baffling to me.

However, throughout the years I started to see more and more of my friends gain interest in the entire industry of holistic healing - from sound baths, meditation and journaling and even using crystals and their different vibrational energies for healing purposes.  It was everywhere, even big box stores like Home Good, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Home Depot were selling geodes, crystal home décor and salt lamps!  As this new world of crystals, gems and minerals began to appear more and more in my fringe surroundings, I began to take an active interest.  I started out by helping some of my friends with their Etsy shops and packing orders.  Then I became a participant for those who were beginning to learn how to read Tarot cards.  It was so much more than just rocks for rock people!

I have always been interested in crafting and making – from knitting, baking, sculpting and gardening – so I decided to explore how I could incorporate crystals, rocks and gems into my existing crafting hobbies, and boy was I surprised!  First came the crystal and rock bases for my succulents and air plants.  Since there are such wide varieties and unique looks to both the air plants and rocks, it made for some really fun combinations!  I made an entire series of them and gave them out as gifts one year, and even set up a table at a few farmers markets and sold out!  I wasn’t looking to make this into a full on business, but I did love the idea of trying something new and it being a success!

Next came knitting some small crystal socks, - basically hand knit pouches for carrying small crystals, worry stones, and other treasures one might want to have in their pocket or purse.  This was a great outlet because it was a quick and cute knit that used up a lot of my scrap yarn that so many people loved!

I was able to find a beautiful and shockingly well priced hunk of petrified wood that I had cut into cheese board slabs that made entertaining and showcasing my home-made bread and crackers just that much fancier.

What helped me squash the notion that someone like me didn’t belong in the gem show world and wouldn’t be welcomed at rock shows, rock shops and mineral clubs is that there is literally something there for everyone.  Go in with an open mind and the people will welcome you with open arms.  Most of the vendors and businesses that I have encountered have been nothing but helpful and generous with advice and ideas, probably because they were in my shoes at one point in time. 

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